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1Building and construction

 Building and  construction

That includes digging‭, ‬damming and underground water drying‭, ‬regular and armed concrete works in all its design systems‭, ‬internal and external insulation works and the necessary survey works‭, ‬within the specifications of the Saudi Code‭, ‬the recommendations‭ ‬of Design Office and Engineering Supervision System‭.‬

We provide comprehensive studies of structural and architectural plans‭, ‬prepare operational maps and periodic reports‭, ‬deliver items and stages‭, ‬and prepare AS-built maps‭, ‬with full compliance of approved quality standards‭.‬

Finishing & Fit-Outs

We adopt the best internal and external finishing materials from accredited suppliers inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭, ‬and we implement them according to the highest quality standards‭, ‬with all necessary tests and work follow-up stages to ensure that we have done our projects perfectly according to the approved sample‭.‬‬

 Finishing & Fit-Outs1


Buildings interior design includes all wood‭, ‬glass and metal works‭, ‬in addition of all what is required to implement design drawings‭, ‬using the latest modern implementation techniques to ensure that the final product is within the design requirements‭.‬

1Decoration works
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