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Whom we are

‭(‬Levels‭)‬‭, ‬is a local Saudi company‭, ‬specialized in contracting and furnishing for hotels and commercial projects‭.‬ 2008‭ ‬was our beginning‭, ‬and we were able to prove our worth and ability through professional work which is based on quality and‭ ‬speed‭, ‬within a short period of time‭. ‬In‭ ‬‭(‬Levels‭)‬‭ ‬we have a very ambitious and efficient leadership vision that enabled us to work with the largest local and international companies‭.‬ Our headquarter is located in Jeddah‭, ‬while our projects are extended throughout the Kingdom‭.‬


The first choice in contracting‭  ‬for hotels and medium size fast track projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭.


Providing full contracting solutions‭, ‬starting from building to finishing up to fitting and furnishing services with highest quality standards and speed‭, ‬taking into account our clients desires and requirements accurately and professionally and by investing in talented Saudi resources‭. ‬


At a young age‭, ‬his father took him to the Holy Mosque In Makkah where he was astonished by the size and beauty of the building‭,‬‭ ‬he asked himself wondering‭:‬

“How can a small person build such a huge structure‭!‬”

The questioning and astonishment increased by the time‭, ‬which led him to experience different building experiences‭, ‬the first was a friend’s restaurant and then a small car rental exhibition‭. ‬These practical experiences turned his astonishment into a passion‭. ‬When he‭ ‬graduated from college‭, ‬he rejected many employment offers‭. ‬He was motivated by love of learning and the desire to establish his own institution‭.‬

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